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Investors Show Interest In Space Startups In India—Report

In India, investors are showing interest in companies which manufacture small satellites and those which are aiming to use cleaner fuel to propel satellites in the outer space. While addressing the reporters, Yashas Karanam said that Bellatrix Aerospace has got a total amount of $3 million from investors so that it can propel satellites into space by using non toxic fuels.

During a conference, Vishesh Rajaram told the press that Kawa Space, which deals in designing and operation of earth satellites has acquired a considerable amount of money for the project. At present, there are over a dozen other companies which are dealing in satellite and other support system development which can accelerate space mission of several companies.

As per Narayan Prasad Bellatrix Aerospace is the first Indian company which has invested such a hefty sum in space programs. Apart from Bellatrix Aerospace and Kawa Space there are seven other companies which are heavily funded.

It is very easy to reach lower orbit of earth, thus the sector is expected to boom in future. Due to low orbital satellites it is very easy to click images and one can monitor crop, defense sector as well as urban planning.

Most of the investors prefer to invest in companies which are dealing in space programs as people are getting more excited about space exploration and vacations. Jatin Desai, an investor of Bellatrix Aerospace said that after satellite launches, more and more people will gain confidence in companies dealing in space sector. According to one report, it is estimated that more than 16,500, small satellites will get launched till 2030.

Many Indian companies which are dealing in space sector are hoping that the Parliament might pass a bill in future which would provide base to private companies so that they can work in an efficient manner.

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