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Bezos Says One Day They’ll Make Fuel From Deep Ice On Moon

Blue Origin and Amazon founder Bezos provided more details about his company’s plans for the moon on Wednesday. He stated that his spacecraft would be powered by fuel that is harvested from sources on the moon. He stated that there are several things known currently about Moon’s composition that was unknown when the Apollo missions were launched. He was speaking at JFK SS in Massachusetts. Bezos said that the moon is now known to have deposits of ice-form water, which is located in the moon’s craters, at the very bottom. This ice can now be utilized to create oxygen and hydrogen. Both of these are useful rocket propellants, he said. Bezos’ Blue Origin currently is working on a Blue Moon lander, to be sent to the moon, and was presented last month. BE-7 engines would be powering the lander, which utilizes oxygen and hydrogen as fuel sources.

These propellants were chosen explicitly because the company had plans in motion to create these fuels on the moon’s surface itself one day, using the water ice on its surface as the raw material, stated Bezos. Currently, Blue Moon can transport cargo and several people on trips back and forth the Moon. Blue Moon’s development period also fit NASA’s plans to have astronauts back on the moon within 2024, Bezos said. Blue Origin is now busy, working on many space systems simultaneously, so as to not lose any progress. New Shepard, New Glenn are also rockets that are currently under development. The former will be used for tourism purposes while the latter will launch spacecraft and satellites. Bezos is currently pumping in over $1 billion every year into Blue origin by selling off his shares in Amazon. Blue Origin competes with SpaceX, whose CEO Elon Musk is known for calling out Bezos over the viability of his company and rockets.

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