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Cocoa Shell Extracts To Prevent Obesity Induced Health Impacts

A new study states that excessive weight gain can have permanent effect on the body cells. According to this study, this might in turn lead to long term health issues. Few such examples in which obesity related cell transformation took place are inflammation of the tissues and negative effect on the metabolism of the body. Body functionalities like capability of using insulin and energy production gets hampered due to obesity.

A study was carried on by the researchers of Illinois University, Urbana Champaign, in which it has been stated that cocoa bean extracts can induce weight loss. There are 3 key compounds in these cocoa beans which can stop or at least slow down the cell change process. Besides cocoa beans, cocoa powder, green tea and beans of coffee also contain these compounds. These compounds are protocatechuic acid, procyanidin B2 and epicatechin. The details of this study have been published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research paper.

These 3 compounds are found in all the known plants. Popular called as plant phenolics, these are getting immensely popular amongst the scientists due to the extreme health benefits which are offered by these compounds.

When people suffer from obesity, the white adipocytes, which is a type of fat cell gain too much fat. This leads to a spur in the growth of the immune cells (macrophages). When adipocytes and macrophages come in contact it leads to a permanent state of swelling and thus becomes an integral part of weight gain or obesity.

This critical form of obesity reduces the capacity of the body to transform glucose in energy, which in turn leads to resistance of insulin, which is considered a precursor in diabetes of Type 2. Inflammation caused by obesity can also damage mitochondria. These are known to create energy by burning glucose and fat.

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