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Ableton Teaches Basics Of Synthesizer From The Comfort Of A Browser

From recreating 60-year-old music devices and perfecting DIY digital setups to making grungy music with drone motors, there are various things you can do using synthesizers. But synths can be difficult to know, and if you are not familiar with them, you may feel a bit left out. Ableton needs to change that. The firm’s new Learning Synths interactive site provides detailed synthesizer lessons, with a “playground,” where you can use your new skills.

Getting to know Synths is free and operates on any browser. You can begin with the fundamentals, or if you already have knowledge of pitch and amplitude, you can jump squarely into sound design. The lessons are shown in a very Ableton-method, with monochrome geometric shapes that consumers can control to make different sounds. Do not be fooled by the easy interface, although. While the lessons are simple, they have abundance of substance, and you can play around with oscillators, envelopes, and more along with filters.

A few years back, Ableton launched a same tool, Learning Music, meant to educate consumers the basics of music making. That also comprise mini-lessons, on things such as notes and beats, and it featured deconstructed real-world music such as like “All the Single Ladies” to test. Similar to Learning Music, Learning Synths is easy and simple to follow, and there is a good odd you will walk away with fresh insights on synth. Perhaps you will even test them on other Ableton devices.

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