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People Born With Single Lower Heart Chamber Endure, But Faces Challenges

Reportedly, the Fontan procedure has facilitated more individuals born with only one ventricle—which is the lower pumping chamber of the heart—to endure into adulthood, but their exclusive circulatory system needs constant all-time medical care. New research from the AHA (American Heart Association) was published in the journal Circulation. The researches summarized the present state of knowledge about Fontan circulation and how ideally take care of such exceptional patients. Apparently, there are two ventricles present in the heart: one pumps blood to the body and the other pumps blood to the lungs. In kids born with only one ventricle, a surgical Fontan procedure redirects blood coming back from the veins unswervingly to the chief pulmonary artery toward the lungs, before being pumped from the heart.

Characteristically, people with Fontan circulation have constantly raised the pressure in their veins and less blood pumped out of their heart. This could cause circulatory failure as when the heart pump less efficiently it is unable to present adequate oxygen to the cells in the body. Additionally, these patients mostly experience heart failure, ventricular dysfunction, and problems with their kidneys, liver, bones, heart rhythm disturbances and other organ systems. The study provides suggestions for follow-up care for individuals with Fontan circulation, counting guidance on tactics for upholding the health of the heart and organs throughout surveillance testing, which may be systematic, routine evaluation of cardiovascular and other organs impacted by Fontan circulation.

On a similar note, recently, a new clinical certification was aimed to advance heart failure patient outcomes by executing standardized care treatment. The latest Post-Acute Care Heart Failure Certification presented by the AHA offers resources and education to skilled nursing facilities to decrease the hospital re-entry for patients with heart failure. These skilled nursing facilities now are recognized for offering access to quality care for the management of heart failure patients on the basis of a new clinical pattern of care established throughout this certification offered by the association.

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