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Amazon Music Is Increasing Quicker As Compared To Spotify

Obviously, Spotify has 100 Million paid users, and Apple Music has 60 Million. But Amazon will not be left in the dust. As per media, the number of users enrolling to Amazon Music Unlimited increased almost 70% in the previous year. As of April 2019, Amazon had over 32 Million users all over its music services, comprising Prime Music and Unlimited. While Spotify heads the pack with the most users, it is increasing at a sluggish rate, almost 25% every year.

Amazon Music Unlimited may have surfaced up late—in 2016, 2 Years after Apple Music rolled out. But the popularity of Echo speakers by Amazon gives it a benefit, as it now has a grip in a increasing number of households. The firm is supposedly operating on a higher-fidelity edition of the Echo, which might better vie against the likes of Sonos devices and can lure more consumers to its streaming platforms.

Amazon has also discovered a following among earlier users. As per Steve Boom, chief of Amazon Music, almost 14% of Amazon Music users are 55 or older. In evaluation, only 5% of Spotify consumers fall into that age group. “We are not battling for the same users as everybody else,” Boom claimed to the media in an interview. “For the sector to reach its complete potential, we can just see at 15–22-year-olds.”

On a related note, Amazon Music may be arriving to a TV close to you shortly. Comcast is conveying the music streaming platform to Xfinity X1 in the weeks to come. It claims that it is the first time you will be capable of accessing Amazon Music using a pay-TV supplier on a TV. Into the remote, you can say “Amazon Music” to use the playlists and library of the service, or find it in the Apps segment of the system.

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