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Possible Link Between Broken Heart And Cancer Revealed By New Research

The pain of losing a loved one isn’t just about emotional harm but it also affects you physically. As per the research, people who suffer from Broken Heart Syndrome are not only linked to heart diseases but also suffer from cancer and they have lesser chances to survive it. The new research found that one in six people who suffered from Takotsubo or broken heart syndrome were diagnosed with cancer.

Dr. Christian Templin, senior author of the study said that there seemed to be strong interplay between malignancies and Takotsubo. Dr. Templin is Director of Acute Cardiac Care at Switzerland’s University Hospital Zurich and he also said that people who suffer from Takotsubo should be recommended for cancer screenings so that it could be detected at an earlier stage as well as can be cured.

According to American Heart Association, the symptoms of broken heart syndrome can be easily mistaken with heart attack as it includes intense pain in chest and shortness in breath. This happens because of sudden increase in the release of stress hormone.

According to researchers, heart pumps blood at a faster rate resulting in enlargement of pumping chamber. This leads to ineffective pumping of blood from the heart and this could happen right after any emotionally hiked moment like breakup, divorce, winning lottery, financial issue or any such thing.

The study was conducted on 1600 people who suffered from Takotsubo and they all were form 9 different countries. The average age of the participants was 70 years while 88%of them were women. Dr. Templin said that the chances of cancer that were found from the study were much higher than expected.

Usually, women with age of 44 years or less have 0.4% chances of cancer and men between 45–64 years have 2% chances while if you look at the stats of people who suffer from Takotsubo, the chances of having cancer raises by 8% in women and 22% in men.

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