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Apple Expected To Release Two Additional iPad Models This Year

Apple has been a bit quiet of late with regard to new releases in its range of tablets. However, that seems to be changing now as the company is looking set to launch two new models of the iPad this year. According to AppleInsider, the annual regulatory filings by Apple reveal that the company is planning to roll out two new tablets next up. Apple had filed five tablet models with the Eurasian Economic Commission previously but added two more devices to the list in its recent filings.

As of now, Apple has five tablets in its lineup; iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad, 11-inch iPad Pro, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The website only speculates of what the two devices can be, believing one of them to be an updated version of the iPad or both of them could be the updated versions of iPad with a higher screen size. Owing to regulatory reasons, Apple has to reveal the details of its upcoming products to Eurasian Economic Commission before it can actually launch a product. The details of course are filed in a coded language, but analysts have become smart enough to decode them. In the filings earlier this month, Apple filed certification documentation for five models; A2068, A2197, A2228, A2230, and A2198. It added two more devices for certification lately; A2200 and A2232, both numbers referring to Tablets manufactured by Apple. With five already there, the two new additions mean the total list of iPads will now have 7 names.

Apple has been at the center of a severe security concern recently as it was confirmed that third party contractors were being used to access user’s conversations with Siri for internal purposes. The company stated that 1 per cent of the recordings were used for training Siri and mapping the exact number of times Siri got started accidentally.

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