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Subaru To Buyback Legacy Sedans, Outback SUVs After Finding Welding Defect

Subaru has recently discovered a huge defect which is so severe that they are considering to buy once again all many Legacy sedans and also outback SUVs which have already made it to owners’ driveways. The automaker stated that mistake in welding of cars does not only increase risk in accidents but also increase the risk of the occupant getting badly injured if accident occurs. They have plans to call back almost 2,100 cars to check for faults. About 200 of those are would surely need repair. Approximately 20 cars are still at the consumers’ end and the others have not yet reached.

An announcement like this is certainly rare but not extra-ordinary. Subaru had done this a year earlier when smaller number of newly launched Ascent SUVs was recalled. This time the number of cars being recalled has reached near record levels. The Japanese automaker informed that a supplier did not clean properly parts of the machinery due to which the viability of welder got reduced. The welds therefore have chances to fail with time. The problem was detected within a week. Although the problem wouldn’t increase beyond a certain limit but Subaru thought it best to recall 1965 Outback SUVs and 142 Legacy sedans.

Subaru also informed that informed that most of those cars were waiting to get delivered but 20 of them have already being used by their buyers in U.S. Buyers who have recently purchased either of the cars can check their vehicles from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or Subaru website or make a call directly to the automaker at 844-373-6614. Subaru also has decided to send notices to buyers of those cars in following weeks. Those who have bought those specific cars would be given the option of either replacing their cars or sell it back to Subaru.

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