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There’s A New Position In US Intelligence Dept. To thwart Election Threat

The top spy organization of the nation has created a new position to deal with the security threats that the U.S. election has been facing. Dan Coats the national Intelligence director has announced that he has proposed the idea of a new intelligence community that will respond to election threats. He has also appointed, Shelby Pierson, a new career official to serve as the head of this new position.

Pierson will play the role of the head advisor for this agency, as reported by the National Intelligence Director. She is supposed to coordinate all selection related security issues. They will integrate with other spy agencies and synchronize the intelligence reports with the U.S government at large.

Coats said that the security of the U.S. government is an enduring challenge that is currently a matter of top priority to nation. To ensure a secure and safe election, it is imperative to build a successful approach towards it. The resources of the IC need to be appropriately utilized and aligned to get this critical issue safely executed.

According to the U.S government, Shelby Pierson is the most qualified person to serve as the first in line when it comes to reacting to threats that the U.S. general elections face. There are a lot of security issues that are communicated anonymously to the U.S. security agencies of the nation. These security issues are to be addressed by this new wing of the I.C headed by Shelby Pierson. She holds a knowledge base and experience that undisputedly makes her the best fit for this position.

She has been recommended by head Intelligence agencies like the FBI, CIA and many more highly secure spy agencies of the U.S government. The upcoming Election threats will be handled by this new wind of the national security agency.

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